The Cobolscript interpeter is now offered as version 4.0 and with hosted subdomain accounts (yourname.cobolscripting.cloud). They can be used for various data interchanges, email, and other IT data processing tasks. The current version is maintained by Matt Dean, one of the creators of the programming language. The product was originally developed and marketed by Deskware, Inc. of Tampa, FL - a Y2K startup company.

Y2k startup tour from Matt D

Respective Customers:
City of Knoxville Bechtel Corp. Washington Mills
Thurau & Co. GMBH State Library of Queensland Simon & Wiesel
Purdue University Old Dominion Data Systems Waukesha State Bank
Westpeak Investment Cisco Systems GMAC
American Electric Power Lakeshore Group, Ltd Fort Wayne Newspapers
Dell Gulf South Medical Supply Harvard Medical School
Northern Trust Bank Intel Caribbean Transportation
Perez Abreu Company US Postal Service Pacific Service Credit Union
Sun Yet-Sen Cancer Center Amway Corporation
IBM Cooper Tire Sweetheart Cup Company
Adventist Health Care Systems NCR Taiwan, R.O.C.

Mr. Dean is a Purdue University graduate and a Price Waterhouse Alum with over 25 years professional consulting experience helping companies implement complex large-scale custom software system projects. He is a hands on technical manager with the ability to mentor staff and share with them real world approaches to solving business problems through the use of Information Technology. Mr. Dean is known for his breadth of knowledge from legacy mainframe systems to modern programming environments and platforms. Prior to the year 2000 he founded a company that produced a programming language and reverse engineering tools that helped thousands of companies around the world mitigate the impact of Y2K. He is known in the software industry as the creator of the cobolscript programming language, and for bringing the VACE software reverse engineering tool to market. He has been an employee of high-caliber firms like Price Waterhouse and ADP-GSI. It was through working on substantial projects throughout the United States and Canada that he was able to develop a keen work ethic and a strong business accum. As a Manager for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) he has been a driver for change, and has overseen numerous software engineering teams, projects, and outside consultants. Specialties: Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Steel

Data centers have changed since the 1990s, here is a look back. As we move into the future we will see more businesses look towards the Cloud as a new platform to meet their data processing requirements.

Mainframe data center_tour from Matt D

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