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  CobolScript - The Revolution is Here 

   Welcome to
Home of the CobolScript Revolution.
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Gateway to the Revolution

latest and greatest Deskware has revolutionized web programming with CobolScript® , an internet programming language designed for COBOL programmers or people new to web development. CobolScript is cross-platform compatible, with versions for the following operating systems:
FreeBSD Windows Linux SunOS
FreeBSD® Microsoft
Linux® SunOS®
CobolScript costs only $49.95 per developer's license and comes with the CobolScript engine, a complete manual, plenty of valuable code examples, and one year of support. Click here to order CobolScript now.

You can also view the CobolScript FAQ or learn more about CobolScript from our product information page.

Who We Are

helpful Deskware staff Deskware is a fast growing, privately held software company devoted to producing innovative, high-quality software tools and programming languages for the internet community.

CobolScript Discussions

For email discussion of CobolScript topics, subscribe to the CobolScript developer mail list. Just send this email and you'll be sent a confirmation email and information on how to post to the list.

If you aren't able to send email using your browser, send a message to with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject.

Our continued thanks to Pat, the CobolScript developer who started and maintains this list.

Coming Soon

CS Professional Edition will be released soon. Features include LinkMaker (database access and embedded SQL support), CodeBrowser, AppMaker, and the CobolScript Control Panel.

If you're interested in CS Professional and you aren't already a registered CobolScript Standard developer, purchase the Standard Edition now to save $100 off the price of the Professional Edition when it's released.

What's New

3/00 - Software Development Magazine published article on CobolScript and the history of COBOL.

2/00 - CobolScript Standard Edition 1.24 has been released. Registered CobolScript developers can login and download version 1.24 now.

11/99 - CobolScript Standard Edition 1.21 was released.

11/99 - CobolScript Standard Edition 1.2 was released.

Getting Our Products

browse our catalog You can order CobolScript or VACE Maintenance Workbench securely and safely from our CobolScript-powered online catalog.

Inside the U.S., call our sales desk Monday through Friday at 1-888-624-4131 (Orders only).

Deskware always keeps all information you provide in your online order or anywhere else on our site completely confidential.

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